Hüdrolüüsitud Kollageen (300g)

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ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen The ICONFIT Hydrolyzed Collagen Wiper is a 600g (60 days section!) Completely pure animal-derived hydrolyzed collagen powdered form. We recommend daily mixing 10g (with a measuring stick) with freely selected foods, drinks, smoothies or consuming with any desired sports drink. This is a relatively neutral, tasteless powder that does not significantly alter the flavor of food or beverage.


A real source of collagen, which can be recovered at 10g per day.

Trash for 60 days! Produced by natural processes without chemicals!

Add 10g (spoon bundle included) per day for food, soft drinks or sports drinks.

The cleanest and most favorable source of hydrolyzed collagen in Estonia!

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