WHEY+ Collagen Premium Protein (400g)

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ICONFIT WHEY+ Collagen is truly a high class protein. It combines classic whey protein with pure hydrolyzed collagen protein in order to take the best features from both and achieve complete amino acid profile. We have supplemented this product by raising the fibre content to 4% with prebiotic Orafti™ fibers. Collagen is known for its joint protecting and recovering features which is especially important in the gym or track for athletes who wish to achieve good results.


  • One portion of 25g has 10g of hydrolyzed collagen with whey protein. Protects the joints of professional athletes as well as gym enthusiasts.
  • Over 80% of protein with a complete amino acid profile!
  • Useful prebiotic Orafti™ fibers added
  • Developed and produced in Estonia