Diet Shake (715g)

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ICONFIT Diet Shake – Completely new flavours, premium high protein recipe and amazong results! These shakes contain only the best and carefully selected premium quality ingredients. We combined our customer feedback, thorough research and created new and effective meal replacement shakes. Diet Shake helps you lose that weight and at the same time keeping you feeling full for longer and supplying a steady supply of energy.

ICONFIT Diet Shake replaces a regular high calorie meal with a delicious low calorie (200kcal) shake. Our well balanced recipe keeps you feeling full for hours and keeps the daily calorie consumption total at a very low level. This is a scientifically proven method for successful weight loss and definitely the most pleasant way to diet!

High protein (over 40%) and fibre (over 8%) content recipe with 23 different vitamins and mineraks. Added also a slow-release energy source from Palatinose™, probiotic fibre from Orafti® and fat burning green tea extract. Mix 55g (scoop included) of shake mix with 250-300ml of water in a shaker, shake thoroughly and consume. Drink 2-3 shakes per day and add a regular healthy balanced meal to your menu (ladies about 800kcal, men about 1000kcal including healthy snacks). If still feeling a bit highry then add a few healthy snacks to your menu.

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