L-Carnitine (150 caps)

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L-Carnitine 150 caps:

  • Speed up and enhance fat burning
  • Enhance and accelerate post workout recovery
  • Ensure that all organs are supplied with the appropriate amount of energy
  • Improve well-being during weight loss
  • Reduce the frequency of sore muscles
  • Provide antioxidant protection and reduce tissue damage caused by free radicals

L-carnitine by Real Pharm contains top quality pure L-carnitine, which has powerful fat burning properties. This amino acid is safe for your health, demonstrates exceptional nutritional value and actively enhances your metabolism.

L-carnitine is also responsible for the transport of fat to miniature power plants in your organism known as mitochondria, provide  energy necessary for the proper functioning of the immune and circulatory system, participates in the processes of conversion of fatty acids into energy and guarantees efficient transport of energy to muscles and all body organs.

Reduction of calorie intake in order to lose excess fat is associated with the increase of fatigue and demotivation. L-carnitine by Real Pharm enables you not only to enhance fat metabolism and effectively reduce fatty tissue but also guarantees increase of endurance and reduction of premature fatigue.

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