HydroBEEF Isolate (1KG)

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Strength & Speed – Key Words for Muscle Development! You already know that beef is the best source for protein needed for muscle growth. But how do you get it in an adequate amount and quickly? The answer is ICONFIT HydroBEEF Isolate!

– Highly Protein HydroBEEF ™ Isolate.

– 97% protein not flavored and more than 87% flavored variation

– High quality protein source of high quality absorption.

– Lactose free, Soybean free.

ICONFIT HydroBEEF ™ Isolate gives you only the best and most useful parts of the beef – it’s the perfect protein that is completely free from hormone-derived natural beef. The advantage of this product is a cleaner manufacturing process without any chemicals. Instead, high pressure and temperature are used to obtain the necessary useful parts by hydrolysis. After several hydrolysis and filtration steps, the resulting mass is dried and HydroBEEF ™ is prepared which contains all the necessary nutrients, peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the specially developed production process, you can easily digest and dissolve and absorb rapidly.

HydroBEEF ™not flavored contain a massive 97% protein! It has low calories, fat and zero carbohydrates. It is also more easily digestible and achievable, for example whey protein from milk. In the flavored variants, we have also added Orafti ™ inulin to the digestive juice of the chicken root and tasted the mixture super-delicious!