Beef Whey (1800g)

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Valgupulber Beef Whey:

  • 85% of Protein
  • supports lean muscle mass growth
  • Good alternative for whey protein
  • Hydrolysated
  • High in amino acids/BCAA
  • Lactose free

Real Pharm Beef Whey is a highest quality protein supplement based on hydrolyzed beef protein.

Beef protein has a very rich aminogram. Its structure is superior to all the standard whey, egg or milk proteins.

Because of its perfect composition, it supports lean muscle mass growth and positively affects the healing process of micro-tears in the muscle tissue. Real Pharm Beef Whey contains only trace amounts of fats and carbohydrates, quickly gaining favorable opinions of even the most demanding clients. This product is also recommended to those with lactose intolerance. The product is a source of advanced peptide amino acids.