Gift card 10€


You wish to give your friend, family member or loved one something special for their birthday, anniversary, christmas or just as a lovely present, and want it to benefit their health or sporting hobbies, but you have no idea what to get them?

Fit360 Gift card is just the perfect gift for a sporty active person!

  • They can choose a gift of their own liking!
  • They can choose it from a wide variety of health suppliments, training gear, sportswear and -accessories and even training or eating programs made from official Estonian powerlifting coaches with long experience!
  • Gift card can be purchased on paper, wrapped in a nice envelope for shopping in our store (Aia 23, Tallinn) OR as virtual gift for online shopping!

NB! Please note at your order if you wish to buy the paper or virtual gift card!  If you do not specify this, the card will be sent to you on paper. The gift card will not be exchanged for money, nor will the sum of money that is left from the purchase be returned. If the total sum of the purchase exceeds the value of the gift card, the customer can pay the rest of it in cash or by card/transaction.

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