100% Beta Alanine (90 caps)

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  • Improves the capacity in high-intensity trainings.
  • Delays the muscle fatigue.
  • Promotes a highest gain of lean body muscle mass during the training.
  • Enhances the ergogenic benefits.
  • Anti-oxidant.

100% BETA ALANINE is composed with β-alanine, a non-essential amino-acid that is a part of the carnosine peptids, anserine and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), which is a component of the coenzyme A.

During the training, and mainly with this is with high intensity, there’s an acid lactic and hydrogen ions accumulation in the muscle originated by the anaerobic glycogenolysis. This ions accumulation causes a drop in the Ph which mean that appears the fatigue and the muscle exercise claudication.The buffering intracellular system, that regulates these radicals, is managed through the compounds that have histidine as the carnosine and the anserine.

The carnosine synthesis in our body is regulated by the available quantity of β-alanina, therefor, a supplementation with beta-alanine increases the carnosine concentration in the muscle, that is favorable for is buffering action in the muscle.

The carnosine has a basifier action of the celullar medium that allow to have a higher performance in short-time efforts and with high intensity, improving the muscle contractility, increasing the effort time and the intensity.

Besides, 100% BETA ALANINE helps to fight the oxidative stress and therefore, the muscle recovery, as we have seen with other anti-oxidant and will improve the sports nutrition.

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