BCAA (150 caps)

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BCAA 300 caps:

  • Maximum effectiveness of each training
  • Better physical form and enlarged motivation
  • Maximize the muscle gain speed, effectiveness and strength
  • Build up lean body mass
  • Accelerates protein synthesis

BCAA Real Pharm 150caps is a top quality product that provides as much as 5500mg of pure BCAAs in 5 capsules.
The product has a positive influence on training efficiency and regeneration of your body by restraining catabolic processes and providing the anabolic effect. At the same time it helps you to build up lean body mass and accelerates protein synthesis.

During workout, nutrient requirements rise, and an ideal response to this is Real Pharm’s BCAA 300caps. The product does not contain fillers such as taurine or amino acids other than branched-chain amino acids!!! Trust the professionals – choose high quality BCAA Real Pharm.

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