Tribulus (150 caps)

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Tribulus 150 caps:

  • Enhances physical and sexual performance
  • Improves your endurance during workout
  • Increases your strength
  • Standardized to 60% saponins
  • Strong anabolic formula
  • Testosterone booster

Tribulus by Real Pharm contains an outstanding 1000 mg dose of tribulus terrestris extract enclosed in a special capsule, which additionally increases its absorption by the body.

Tribulus by Real Pharm effectively enhances physical and sexual performance, improves your endurance during workout and increases your strength!

Tribulus by Real Pharm is an ideal product for every man. Even though it is especially recommended for physically active people, including professional and amateur athletes, its potential will be also appreciated by men coping with lowered libido and sexual dysfunctions!


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