Amino Rush (500g)

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Amino Rush 500g, a top class supplement by Real Pharm, is a complex amino acid matrix. It contains an excellent aminogram and its huge dosage is able to supply your body with all the ingredients essential during physical strain.

Thanks to the extremely extender formula, this product allow to speed up maximally the after-training  regeneration by stopping harmful catabolic reactions. The extremely high content of crucial for each sportsman’s organism, branched-chain BCAA amino acids, Beta-alanine, L-glutamine, L-cytrulline and other endo- and exogenous taurine amino acids, important for the organism’s immunity and vitamins C and B6 metabolism, and also other strengthening activity components of piperine and α-lipolic acid make Amino Rush Real Pharm a solution for Your success!

The sportsmen and physically active people’s organisms burden with effort need a daily dose of amino acids, which condition the majority of  metabolic processes’ course, affect the muscle proteins synthesis and shortens the duration of catabolic reactions. Using Amino Ruch you will also get influence on the better cysteine and glycogen synthesis, what allows You notice quickly that Your muscles are not only larger, but also much more resistant.