AAKG Double SHOT (60ml)

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  • Enhances biosynthesis of nitric oxide (NO).
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Ensures proper sexual functioning .
  • Ultimate muscle pump effect.
  • Accelerate post workout recovery and speed up protein synthesis

AAKG Shot by Real Pharm is a top quality supplement designed for athletes, physically active people as well as all men who want to improve their sexual performance and prevent erectile dysfunctions. The liquid product is absorbed significantly faster when compared to traditional capsules and offers exceptionally high bioavailability!

AAKG Shot will enable you to achieve an unbelievable muscle pump, accelerate post workout recovery and speed up protein synthesis which is responsible for muscle growth!

The supplement contains an outstandingly large dose of the most accessible form of arginine – arginine alpha-ketoglutarate – and its refreshing orange flavor makes it pleasant for daily use.

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