UNREAL (360g)

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UNREAL 360g:

  • Maximum concentration
  • Powerful energy shot
  • Improves the transport properties of blood
  • Muscle pump effect and increased vascularization.

If you are fed up with dull workouts or you are tired with your everyday duties – Unreal has been created for you. Get yourself a powerful energy shot and maximum concentration. It will let you take the best out of your workout session. Another advantage of Unreal is that it delays the symptoms of fatigue.

Unreal is based mainly on a powerful dosage of L-aginine and beta-alanine, supported by citrulline, L-tyrosine, extracts from beetroot, dendrobium and grapes (vinitrox), providing a massive dose of positive emotions.

Complex prepared by Real Pharm’s technologists provides vasodilation and improves the transport properties of blood, creating the muscle pump effect and increased vascularization.

Find out for yourself how a pre-workout supplement should work and your workouts will turn into a completely new experience!

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