ISO GO (600g)

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  • Maintain the appropriate electrolyte balance
  • Accelerate post-workout recovery
  • Gain a valuable source of energy
  • Reduce everyday fatigue and gain motivation to work harder
  • Maintain appropriate muscle glycogen levels
  • Obtain anticatabolic protection and increase the effectiveness of muscle gain
  • Improve functioning of the muscular, nervous and digestive system
  • Prevent unhealthy blood pressure fluctuations
  • Enhance energy metabolism

Iso Go combines the advantages of isotonic drinks, BCAA amino acids and top quality carbohydrate supplements. Our product was designed for professional athletes and amateurs, who want to provide the best support for their bodies before and after workout. With Iso Go by Real Pharm you will maintain proper hydration of your body, supply the necessary electrolytes, restore energy and provide an appropriate reserve of muscle glycogen in your body!