Pre Pump Double SHOT (60ml)



  • The muscle pump effect, which you always dreamt about
  • Better concentration during training
  • Bigger strength and muscle endurance
  • Maximum energetic effect
  • Better nourished and oxygenated muscles
  • Orange flavour

Pre pump shot is a proven and effective product which provides muscle pump and extraordinary  muscle endurance. After only a few minutes after taking Pre Pump Shot you will experience an increase in focus and energy. The blood reaches your muscles at a faster rate. Now, it is only up to you how you are going to use this potential. Strength, pump, energy, focus those are your arguments during the training. Pre Pump shot is your argument. As much as 5000 mg of Beta-alanine, as much as 1000 mg of Citrulline, as much as 2000mg of Taurine, as much as 400mg of Caffeine, as much as 250 mg of Glucuronolactone.

Pre Pump SHOT is not only the most effective method of making the extreme muscle pump. Using our Shot before the training, you will maximally focus attention on the taken exercises and feel a surge of energy which is necessary during the extreme effort and which can be actively changed for surprising training effects!

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