Beta Alanine (150 caps)

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  • Improve strength and endurance during each training
  • Increases muscle strength, recovery and endurance
  • Gain additional anti-catabolic protection

Beta Alanine Real Pharm 300g contains the purest quality beta alanine. The product’s main goal is to prevent premature fatigue and help to build lean muscle mass. It also helps to build up endurance, increase workout efficiency and accelerate regeneration.

Beta Alanine Real Pharm 300g converted in your body into carnosine, which is responsible for all the processes described above. Carnosine itself causes a rapid muscle mass gain, and prevents muscle sores (by blocking lactic acid production).
Carnosine is present in high concentrations in skeletal muscles, and its concentration is highest in the strong, fast-twitch type II muscle fibers. Due to this fact, it delays the decrease in pH, increasing the length and efficiency of trainings.


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