AAKG (300g)

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  • Increase the secretion of the nitrogen oxide (NO)
  • Improve the effects of the mass muscle training
  • Achieve the perfect muscle pump
  • Deliver to muscles much bigger amount of nutrition components
  • Get the greater strength and training endurance
  • Speed up the regeneration after training

AAKG Real Pharm is the best way for increasing the blood inflow to muscles and maintenance at the appropriate level the secretion of compounds which are crucial for the increase in the mass muscle. Our product does not contain any additives – this is clear α – ketoglutaran arginine, which will help You achieve each training aim!

AAKG Real Pharm is the best quality powdered α – ketoglutaran L-arginine and you can prepare with it a nutritious and delicious drink. Thanks to the optimal dose of L-arginine you will feel the fast and strong muscle pump effect and improve your training efficiency!