Z-3 (ZMA)

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Real Pharm Z-3 is a dietary supplement in tablets, designed for professional athletes and demanding amateurs. The Z-3 dietary supplement is a high quality product that enriches the diet of athletes in magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6.


  • contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue,
  • helps protein synthesis and supports cell division,
  • helps in the proper functioning of muscles.


  • helps to maintain fertility and normal reproductive functions,
  • helps to maintain healthy blood testosterone levels,
  • contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system,
  • takes part in the cell division process and helps the DNA synthesis.

Vitamin B6:

  • helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system,
  • contributes to hormonal activity regulation,
  • helps in maintaining the proper energetic metabolism,
  • assists in the formation of red blood cells.

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